November 18, 2013

Link Building: Is Blog Commenting Bad for SEO?

Blog Comment

Any link building technique that designed to manipulate website ranking comes with a threat that they will consider as a part of link scheme and a violation of Google’s webmaster Guidelines. If you are an SEO that you know that violating the guidelines can cause very bad issues.

Here the question comes for SEO professionals, what to do. The logical answer is to play safe and avoid any link building that may come with a penalty.

Matt Cutts: Blog Commenting is Fine for Link Building, But Use Your Real Name...

In the recent video of Google's Matt Cutts, he says while leaving blog comments and links to a site is not directly spam, it is something that can be abused. Matt also advices to use real name while commenting. Don’t use comment completely for commercial marketing objective, it can make leaving comments look spam and senseless and Google can consider it a link scheme.

For example, imaging about your own blog, where "Pritesh Chauhan" comments something informative. That will make it through all of the checks. What about if I modified my name to "SEO Professional In India" or "Pritesh SEO"? It makes no sense.

Comment On The Blogs Naturally...

Matt Cutts also covers the idea of what is and is not the manipulation with leaving comments on blogs. Basically, you can comment as often as you like, but do it naturally, means without using any kind of automated tools, as those violate the link scheme rules.

Blog Comment is a great way for link building, drives more visitors on a site you like, and enhance your own visibility, Just do it the right way, and you should have no issue of a penalty.

Original Video of Matt Cutts...

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