November 22, 2013

Changes that People Want to See in Google Webmaster Tools in Future?

Google webmaster tools

Recently Google has rolled out better visibility on website security issues in webmaster tools, including drastically enhanced resources for hacked site help and also looking to up to date with more features.

Here Some Imaginations that What Would People Want To See From Webmaster Tools In Future?

  • Make it easier to claim authorship or do authorship markup.
  • Improved reporting of bugs, errors, spam or problems, so the spam reports would be create faster.
  • Fresher, deeper and more accurate keyword data
  • Alerts when links on site point to an external page and the content of that page changes significantly
  • Tell every page blocked by robots.txt , or at least an extract, with an API for downloading this list
  • Need an option to download the webpages that Google has seen from your site, in situation a tragedy like a hard disk failing or a malware takes down your entire website.
  • Periodic reports with guidance on enhancing places like mobile or page-speed.
  • Help for beginners that are just starting out.
  • To make effectively for Google to tell where content showed up first on the web, send Google “fat Pings” of content before publishing it on the web.
  • Show pages that do not validate.
  • Need to highlight duplicate contents.
  • Display the source pages that link to 404 pages, so you can contact other sites and asked to fix their broken links.
  • Better or faster bulk URL removal
  • Faster refreshing of existing data in GWT
  • Improve robots.txt checker to handle even longer files.
All above are the comments of people that they would like to see in Google Webmaster Tools in next.

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