December 14, 2013

SEO Changes Should Be Predicted for 2014

prediction for 2014

SEOs, well 2013 the year is going to be end with so more algorithm updates. Google has gifted a new algorithm called Hummingbird this year. Now what about upcoming year 2014! Here I have predicted some points that might be changed in 2014.

1. Rise of Authorship:

I thing authorship is going to become more essential as Google works hard to differentiate the quality good content from the bad. Over the next year, I really think that digital firms take authorship and status into account when recruiting for their team, with candidates who have yet to set up an author profile, authority and following (think tweets, followers, Google+ Circles) falling short.

2. Semantic-Influenced Content

In its 15th birthday, the search giant Google shocked us by introducing a new algorithm called Hummingbird. We all know that the main objective of this new algorithm is on relevance, perfection and better understanding user intent.

I think we are going to see brands start to push out more and more semantic-influenced content in a bid to catch more traffic and SERP in 2014. I think it’s all going to come down to generating more specific, lengthy type content (which furthermore comes back to content mark-up) which response more long-tail detailed search phrases. As sites look to produce more content and pages that answer queries, there’s a chance a lot of doorway-style pages could be produced which do not really content good quality content and that do not provide that much of a purpose.

3. Schema and Data Mark-Up

Google’s been forcing data mark-up on us for a while now – but this year they have really stepped things up with the release of article mark-up and the new structured data markup helper tool, so it seems sensible that they are going to place more focus on it going forwards.

The main thing to keep in mind about data mark-up is that it gives details to Google about what your website is about and what each page is about – and so it helps Google to rank sites more appropriately.

4. The End of Guest Blogging

I think Google finally going to red eye on low quality guest blogging and guest blogging for link building’s benefit. Why? The reason is with a guest blog you do not necessarily earn the link out of merit. It’s no secret that Google thinks you should only get really get links if you have “earned” them – and they have already given us a pretty big sign they are not thrilled with the idea of guest blogging by suggesting you “nofollow” your links in your guest blogs.

I think Google introduce a major Penguin update in the first three months of the year that is going to partly target guest blogging (particularly low quality guest blogging on random sites) – so be alert.

5. More Innovative Link Building:

Thanks to Google Penguin Update, link-building has definitely stepped up a gear with regards to creativeness this season – and I think that is only set to proceed in 2014 as link-building techniques which are currently working well (guest blogging, infographics, superficial content marketing etc.) fall under the glare of Google. I think link-building might drop more in range with creative PR and Bid data next year as brands start to dig into their data more in a bid to present real, interesting, appropriate news and comments that will actually add something to their industry.

So, here is my five SEO prediction for upcoming year 2014. If you think something is missing than write comment or tweet me @searchenginenos

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