December 8, 2013

Beginner Guide: Best SEO Strategy for Newbie SEOs

seo tips for beginners

If you have a new website chances are that you're trying to get traffic for it and if you're trying to get traffic, you've probably already heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you're new to it then SEO can seem extremely complicated and trying to research how to do it yourself can leave you lost in a bunch of technical jargon that makes your brain hurt.

It's not uncommon for beginners to get fed up and think that they need to hire an SEO expert or company in order to show up in the search engines, but that isn't true.

"The experts do a lot of the same things you can do all on your own. Here is the best SEO strategy for entrepreneurs and those just beginning with SEO."

Start With a Good Design

Whether you use a template, pay someone to create your design, or do it yourself, you need to have a good website in the first place. Make sure that your design is attractive, not too busy, and loads quickly. Most importantly, make sure that your site is reliable and not likely to go down without warning or suffers from an overloaded server. This comes from having a good host. Compare some of the best ones here.

What this does is makes sure that people can reach your site and that they will not immediately be turned off. If traffic can't get to your site, of if your guests immediately leave, your site isn't going to rank very high no matter what you do.

Have Good Content

"It's important that your site provides something to the viewers that will make them want to stick around."

These days most businesses are including blogs on their sites that provide related content that people will want to read. Make sure that your site has engaging, well-written, related content and people will not only stick around for awhile, but they will come back.

Make sure that whether you have a blog or not, you are providing updated, intriguing information so that people want to bookmark it. The more that you get returning visitors, the higher your ranking will be in the search engines.

Learn about Meta Data and Keywords

This is where you really start to get into the main part of SEO. Keywords are what the search engine crawlers pay the most attention to when they comb your site. The words that are specified in the meta data and repeated throughout the page will be the ones that will be most likely to turn up in searches related to your content.

Use specific keywords related to your content in the title of it, in any links to it, and within the content. Don't pad the content with just keywords, however. Make sure that it's natural, which should happen anyway if you are keeping your keywords related to the same topic that you're writing about.

Use Links Well

There are three important ways to use your links.

1. Link to relevant, interesting content that your readers are likely to find valuable. Choose sites that may also be likely to notice and link back to you, but make sure the value to your readers is your most important criteria.
2. Get links to your site on other, similar sites with a good reputation and a lot of traffic. Take a look at this article from Microsoft that talks about link building and how to do it.
3. Link back to other content on your site. If you are using a blog, link to older posts that you think your readers may find interesting. This not only gets them navigating around your site more, but also shows them content they may have never seen before.

Use Social Media

"It has gotten to the point in this day and age that having a presence on social media is almost a requirement for the success of any business, particularly up and coming businesses."

Social media gives you another platform to reach potential business, to relay information, and to interact with your customers. This article by Anita Mirchandani gives some excellent tips for how to build your social media presence.

Not only should you create a strong social media presence, but you should also allow your existing presence to spread out to social media. Include buttons that will allow people to share your site and your content on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Each and every time that someone shares something from your site your business is exposed to each and every one of their hundreds or even thousands of friends. Also make sure that you share new updates and content on your social media accounts each time since this brings more people to it.


Visit other sites that are similar or market to the same kind of customer. If you have a blog this is highly important. You want to post regularly on other blogs that you like, make sure to follow them, and get to know the people behind them. These are potential business contacts that can earn you important link backs and positive attention for your business. This will lead to more traffic coming from these similar sites which will, of course, lead to higher rankings in the search engines.

It's That Simple

These are the main bases you need to cover for good SEO. You want to provide something that people want to see which means good content and a good website that performs well. You also want to drive as much traffic both to your website and through it which is where link building, communicating with other businesses and social media comes in.

If you employ these strategies you will begin to see a rise not only in traffic, but in your position on the search engines and you can do all of it without having to pay a lot of money to someone else to do it for you.

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